Visual Overhaul + Future Plans

To celebrate the 10th post, I decided to give my blog a visual facelift. The header image, the background and the site icon changed to achieve a better representation of an actual library. I hope you like the new design.

Currently I’m working on two more posts. One will review the book Castle of Water, the other will be another Star Wars discussion. But this time I will be writing about the most recent movies, The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

The posts will be published in July/August, so stay tuned!


How good is the series American Gods?

Neil Gaiman is a famous British fantasy and mystery author. Besides best-selling novels, he has also written many screenplays and comics. American Gods is one of his well-known works and was published in 2001. I was really happy when I heard the news that the network Starz made a TV series this year. The first season includes 8 episodes, a second season will be published next year. After binge-watching the first season, I am now able to make a verdict. Did Starz succeed with their book adaptation?

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